Pac 12


To the thousands of confused readers out there, part of the unrepentant homer bias is towards west coast college sports. I’m tired of the SEC, and I’d be bashing Alabama as over-rated if they didn’t look so good right now. (But last year–I’d have liked to see what Andrew Luck could have done against them; just like years ago when I was certain that Aaron Rodgers and Marshawn Lynch should have given Cal a chance at a BCS game over Texas).

So, nice week for Pac 12 teams against the always over-rated Big 10/12.  Is any team as consistently over-rated as Michigan? They didn’t play a Pac 12 team, but barely held off Air Force. Still, UCLA, OSU, ASU were 3-0 against the Big 12; add Arizona with a big win over Big 12 OSU. OK, all were at home. USC won at (sort of) Syracuse, but Syracuse lost to Northwestern last week. And I’m likely not going to comment on next week’s game for Berkeley at OSU. But a nice week all the same.

Anyone surprised that Drew Rosenhaus/Bob Sugar continues to be a scumbag?

The NFL starts today and my boycott continues. All the stories about the refs being locked out are about how much the replacement refs suck and not about the fact that the real refs are locked out and out of work while the owners are making millions billions. Glad the workers of the world are uniting on this.


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