Boo Trump, But Yay Aroldis?

On the day that Donald Trump’s open misogyny  is rightfully the talk of the nation, it was a little ironic to see all the beloved Cubs fans rooting for Aroldis Chapman, a guy who started the year suspended for domestic abuse. The Cubs went from lovable to ‘win at all costs’ when they traded for Chapman, and honestly, I don’t get how they dodge this topic so easily. They should be ashamed of themselves, and it taints all the hugging by Bill Murray, Eddie Vedder, and the rest of the otherwise seemingly sympathetic bunch. This is the guy who will most likely be on the mound if the Cubs go on to win the World Series. Yay Cubs! Yay baseball! Where’s the sarcasm emoji?

The baseball playoffs are the one time a year I realize that FOX Sports1 exists. And they have both Alex Rodriguez and Pete Rose on the set? Weird. Both aren’t going to the hall of fame because of major mistakes they made. Neither was involved in domestic violence. Yay baseball! I’m still looking for the sarcasm emoji.






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