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Lions in Winter


Kobe Bryant is about to have a bad year but I doubt he’ll regret it. Kevin Garnett? He might. These are two men who were unafraid to make enemies. The aging NBA player can have a lot of fun. Robert Parish played on a hundred teams post-Celtics making a ton of dough and smoking a ton of doobies. But this guy:

No effing way. Look, I hate the Lakers. I hate Kobe but I have a soft (get it) spot for aging superstars that give zero fucks. Kobe will be fun. KG is going to get dunked on. A lot. It’s going to Wizards era Jordan only worse. Think Joakim Noah is going to go easy on KG? Think he forgot about 2008? Neee-ope. I hope KG “hurts his back picking up luggage” like our buddy Steve Nash.

Meanwhile I hope this Kobe gif leads to more love for NXT Enzo Amore. Dude is great.


Photo credit: Safari Partners

Gifs: fuck if I know.