Paul is the principal writer of this blog. The more his teams win, the more he blogs. He is both a professor and a basketball player, only one of which he gets paid for. He’s also a notoriously bad speller and even worse at remembering actual facts.

Mark Haven Britt is the designer and occasional illustrator for the site. When the images look like they are just stolen from somewhere that’s because Mark didn’t have time to work his magic. Mark’s site is markhavenbritt.com

On occasion, we also have guest bloggers. When you find something particularly idiotic on this site, it’s likely written by one of them.



  1. Prashant

    I don’t know much about basketball, but I write about european football.
    Your blog is really good. It is an interesting read.
    How does one become a writer for your blog?

    • unrepentanthomer

      thanks! your blog is great as well–I’m going to follow it.

      At the moment, I’m going pretty much alone because I’m having to pay too much attention to my day job. But I have ambitions for something bigger someday… I’ll keep thinking about it and hope we can collaborate.

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