Russell Westbrook Can Help Defeat Trumpism


I’ve been trying to think of how American athletes can help defeat Trump and the shithole that he brings to the American presidency. There’s been a lot of positive stuff happening, and especially coming from the NBA. That’s the most progressive sports league right now, and that’s where our anti-Trump movement can come from.

There’s one guy who can turn a lot of eloquent statements into something massive. It’s Russell Westbrook.

The reason is that he is the biggest singular star who plays for an NBA team in a city that voted for Trump. If you think about it, there aren’t many cities that voted for Trump. Lots of teams from red states, but not red cities. OKC is one of the very few.

Think of the impact if Westbrook said he wanted to be traded. That he can’t continue playing in front of Trump supporters. (Caveat alert here: even though most cities are Democrat, I don’t doubt that a lot of the NBA season ticket holders are from the suburbs of hateful Trump voters. Like… Cleveland? But not Boston, and not Oakland.)

I support democracy. The minority of Americans have spoken, and they have (through an anti-majoritarian institution called the electoral college) elected Donald Trump as president. OK. It is also democratic for individuals to protest, non-violently, as they wish. NBA players can make a statement by letting the people of OKC know that they aren’t supporting racial bigots and misogynists. And fascists. NBA players can make a statement against fascism too.

Unfortunately, Enes Kantor isn’t important enough to be that guy. Russell Westbrook is the one to make the statement. He can kill the franchise. He can tell the Trump supporters that there are costs to being hateful. We aren’t going to spend our money in Trump neighborhoods, and we aren’t going to compete wearing their jerseys.

I have other great ideas like this for taking on Trump… stay tuned.


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