The USA is Going to Embarrass Argentina


All this concern about the US Men’s Olympic Basketball team not winning by enough points and what it all means? The answer isn’t very complicated. They aren’t playing very hard, and they aren’t playing defense. They have been playing these games like they are NBA All-Star games, except the pace is a lot slower. They are going to play defense against Argentina. They are going to beat Argentina by a lot.

Having settled that, what does it mean for the upcoming Golden State Warriors season if the US team somehow loses? Loses with Kevin Durant. And Klay ‘the streakiest shooter in the NBA’ Thompson? And Dray “balls” Green? Full scale panic. It means the Warriors are cursed and it’s all Draymond’s fault. (Was anyone else watching the game against Australia thinking, “the Warriors are going to miss Bogut’s passing.”)

But the USA is not going to lose. You don’t even need to watch.

Also, Klay Thompson is not the best 2 guard in the NBA. He’s the best player in the NBA about 3 games a year, a D-Leaguer about 10 games a year, and he’s a good but not elite player the rest of the time. He’s got to gain some consistency.

And Boogie Cousins is doing a good job lowering his price tag for the Celtics to grab him.


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