One of my favorite moments at the end of a playoff series is when the players of each team come together and embrace and pay their respects. I really like sportsmanship. I really like the broader camaraderie and brother and sisterhood that emerges when the game is done.

[In fact, it’s something that’s always bothered me just a bit about KG and Rondo. They didn’t stay on the floor when it was over. I get when that happens once, but not repeatedly. In all the rivalry games between the Celtics and LeBron, I always admired that LeBron stayed on the court even when he lost….when he was still on Cleveland.]

Anyway, I just thought about this watching Barack Obama give one of his great speeches and talking about Donald Trump. Trump is the guy who takes off before the game is over. he’s a fucking asshole. And it isn’t a Republican thing–John McCain gave a great speech the night Obama won the presidency. So did Mitt Romney. Trump’s a complete asshole. Not just for this reason. Probably for every reason. But this one is resonating. That’s all.


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