Why the Celtics will win the NBA championship in 2017


Four reasons the Celtics will win this upcoming season.

First, Draymond Green:  He seems like a great guy, and his latest issue in a bar in Michigan that led to his arrest seems pretty small potatoes given that no one got hurt. How often are there bar fights? C’mon. Still… Draymond needs to start deciding that he isn’t going to be Ron Artest or Dennis Rodman. Something is going to go wrong this year for the Warriors, and #1 on the list has to be Draymond imploding or at least becoming a big enough distraction to the team that he needs to be traded in a rush for Jonas Jerebko and draft considerations. Yes, I still can’t get over Chris Webber being traded for Rony Seikaly. Warriors are going to mess this up somehow.

Second, Klay Thompson: He’s going to sulk. After emerging this year as the best 2 guard in the league, he’s now going to be potentially the fourth guy (and fourth option because the ball will be going through Draymond’s hands much more frequently). I think he wants more than that and he under-performs and gets traded next off season in a panic move.

With the Warriors out of the picture, the only issue left is the Celtics beating the Cavaliers. Here’s reason’s three and four for why they will.

Third, Celtics Defense: When the Celtics have a lineup of Avery Bradley, Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown, Jae Crowder, and Al Horford, they will have an insane defensive lineup. And with lots of guys who can take turns guarding LeBron. Olynyk takes care of Love, and I like all the guard play against Kyrie. What’s left for Cleveland with their big 3 neutralized? They lost Delly and Mozgov. JR won’t be allowed to play without a shirt. Celtics are good. The problem is that none of these guys can really score with any consistency. And I still think Thomas is best as a 6th man. So, what they need is:

Fourth, Russell Westbrook: He’s the missing ingredient to championship glory. I know people are concerned he won’t sign after the season. He will sign and stay with the Celtics. Why? Because he can’t leave Boston after a year in which he wins both the regular season and Finals MVP. And because the Lakers are going to be so bad, he can’t possibly go there instead. But mostly because he will be the leading scorer on the defending champion Celtics.


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