The outlook is getting rosey

0409_droseI don’t know who roots against D-Rose. We all want him back, even though that would mean he will be eviscerating our beloved Celtics on the regular. I don’t think he will ever be a good basketball player again. That is just not possible. However, a last stand might happen. He could shake off some of the rust we saw last night and catch fire in a weak East. (Ha! The WeakEast Conference. #weeping) Rose cut to the hoop last night like the old days. Yeah, he turned the ball over. Yeah, he looked nervous. However, that cut to the hoop made me smile. That cut was a warning to everyone in the East.

Speaking of good dudes we root for. Paul George might get back to All Star form some day. (The shadiness that went down with Chris Copeland may derail that good story. Nothing good happens after 2am.) I hope the Pacers bounce the Nets out of the 8th spot. Man, what a dull team Brooklyn turned out to be. Even their owner is a letdown. I thought there’d be more jetskis.


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