Major Setback in #Race48

Is this the biggest loss since Game 6 of the Miami series? The effort was there, they just got beat by the juggernaut that is…the Milwaukee Bucks. Ok, maybe the C’s just aren’t that talented. Smart didn’t have a great game, Thomas struggled in key late game possessions. The defense was pretty horrible. Jerebko summed it up: “it sucks.” But he’s not giving up, and neither are we. The tough thing about the race for the 8th seed between four teams with losing records is that playing even .500 ball would lead to absolute domination and a clear multi-game lead. Instead, improving from .400 to .450 ball is a hot streak. And the Celtics are ‘hot’. They are now 4-6 since moving into the 8th seed, but still only a half game out from Miami. The schedule the rest of the way isn’t in their favor, but how many wins do they need? Three, four? If only the schedulers gave them Miami for game 82. Could you imagine? Two 36-45 teams with everything on the line? To the naysayers (like Grantland) who ask what the point is about making the 8th seed, accomplishments and goals are arbitrary. Whether you are winning your bowling league, cleaning the bathroom, or picking the right winner of ‘The Voice,’ there is satisfaction and excitement in accomplishing goals. And making the playoffs would be a major accomplishment for this team–for most of these guys, maybe their greatest accomplishment as basketball players. Are you telling me Jerebko and Crowder aren’t fired up? Even Sully has come back early! We’re all in.


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