There Goes the New Year’s Resolution


My resolution was to better deal with the ever-increasing ADD by deeply reducing my way too constant use of social media. Because social media perpetuates itself and it changes our brain. Standing in line waiting for coffee is too long. There are at least three emails, five posts on Facebook, and who knows how many on twitter in the 5 minutes I’m waiting for my grande espresso. So, I put my phone away this morning as part of the broader plan to just sit and enjoy a single moment, whatever that moment is. And what better single moment to begin with than New Year’s Day Premiership. Nothing like the unique deliberate pace of a soccer game to settle in and focus.

Unfortunately, my new year’s resolutions were immediately foiled by NBCSN’s decision to go back and forth between 8 different games over two hours. A minute for a corner kick in one game, followed by a goal in the next, followed by a shot off the woodwork in the next. I saw Burnley hit the goal posts 4 times and score twice. I saw three goals in 5 minutes between Man City and Sunderland. It was dizzying, it was disjointed, and it was totally exciting. When it was over, I had to watch a 5-3 Chelsea-Tottenham game that had way too much midfield play for me to concentrate. Thanks, NBCSN.


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