All Lives Matter in Sports, too


The ugliness out of Florida State keeps getting worse. Yesterday, Jameis Winston evaded the charge of rape again, this time in front of a retired judge representing the student conduct code board who was attempting to determine a set of facts in which Winston  refused to answer the questions of his accuser with anything even remotely resembling a “fact”–he just refused to answer, as did his roommates who were witnesses. It’s at least somewhat surprising they are still refusing to answer questions; after all, they got rid of most of the relevant evidence two years ago.

In response, Florida State University rewarded their head coach, Jimbo Fisher, with an 8 year contract. Bleacher Report’s Brian Pedersen thought it was a good deal with no reference to his role defending Winston. ESPN talk shows used the day as an opportunity to talk about Winston’s draft status.

People can debate what happened between Winston and the woman, even if this case seems creepily similar to so many others in college sports. The real issue is the complete lack of accountability on the part of Winston to get away with obstruction and refuse to respond to the accusation, even in the face of national media pressure. ESPN and the NYTimes have run countless articles showing how dirty this story is, with the latest coming from Juliet Macur. But seemingly nothing is going to make Jameis Winston accountable. And now, after declaring innocence in the latest hearing where Winston and his friends refused to answer questions, the sports media is ready to put the event in the past and focus on his draft status. And someone is going to draft him in the first round. I hope Florida State wins the national championship–better to make this as big and prominent a statement of hypocrisy as possible. Not that anyone will notice because we all got outraged after we saw the Ray Rice assault video and so we are satisfied in our response.

After Winston, it’s hard to know who to be the most disgusted with: his slimy lawyer, his tone deaf and enabling coach, the police in Tallahassee, college football fans, or the corrupt president of Florida State University that presides over it all. Adding to this pile of shiftiness and shittiness, the current FSU president replaced the president who was in charge last year during year 1 of the Winston coverup scandal–that guy, Eric Barron, left FSU for, wait for it, Penn State to “clean” up their reputation after their sexual assault scandal.

Happy holidays from college football, America!


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