Kung Fu Panda Era is Over


You know how even when a relationship is good and bad, and there’s a rational recognition that it’s probably best to move on, it’s still a jolt when it actually happens? That’s how I feel with Pablo Sandoval. An emotional ‘don’t leave!’ followed by friends reassuring me it’s for the best and just to let him go. But right now, I am feeling the emotional sting, remembering only the good times.

And those good times were amazing. With¬†Lincecum and Pence, he may have best embodied the cooky spirit of the Giants. The Panda hats will be missed. His clutch playoff hitting will be missed. His mediocrity throughout the regular season, not so much. But let’s focus on the best of times–there are a handful of guys who represent the 2010-2014 Giants, and he is one of them.

I also think his best days are ahead of him. But only as a member of the Red Sox, and not if he had remained on the Giants. In Fenway, he could hit .350 going the opposite way off the Green Monster. This was the right move for him. It was the right move for the Giants. And it still hurts.


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