Trade Rondo for Kyrie Irving?


Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? Rondo is a much better fit with LeBron and Love, and Kyrie is the perfect kind of Stephen Marbury point guard to help the Celtics continue in their goal of replacing the Hawks as yearly first round exits in the eastern conference playoffs.

In the last 28 seconds of the game tonight, both showed why their teams should make this trade. Irving went one on one and drove to the hoop, missing a wild layup, and not passing to LeBron who had been unstoppable the final 3 minutes during the Cavs comeback. With 7 seconds left, that left the Celtics to turn to Rondo for a final shot–which he failed to get off in time after trying a pump fake with less than 1 second left.

The Cavaliers need a seasoned point guard who thinks to pass to LeBron first and Love second. The Celtics need a scorer and go-to guy. The trade helps the Cavs a lot more than it helps the Celtics. They get a guy who could re-emerge as an elite point guard that could get them to the NBA finals. The Celtics don’t become elite anything with Irving. He joins a rag tag bunch of role players (The Celtics should rename themselves “the Sixth Men”), but he’s athletic, a scorer, and he’s probably the best they can get for Rondo before Rondo leaves them with nothing.


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