I’m not sure Lebron likes Blatt


Watching the end of the fourth quarter to that (great) Bulls/Cavs game on Halloween really showcased Lebron’s tenuous relationship with Blatt. I wish I had I camera. Oh wait, I did but I also had a beer and a cheeseburger. Moving on. Blatt called a play. Lebron looked away and rolled his eyes. The five guys going back in were then corralled by one of my favorite dudes: (former Celtic assistant) Tyronn Lue. My bet: he’s coaching this squad sooner rather than later. Trust me I went to art school and do very little analysis. Why do I like Lue?

1. When he played for the (evil) Lakers during the 2001 Finals versus that Sixers, at practice Lue “acted” like Iverson. Mimicking his moves and play to get his teammates ready. Was this because he’s a cerebral basketball savant or because Phil Jackson looked at his corn rolls and said “you be Iverson”? We’ll never know for sure but I believe the former.


2. He was on Doc Rivers staff. We was a part of the greatest basketball team ever assembled: the 2008 Ubuntu Celtics (#homer) where he mastered sitting behind the bench. Literally never sat on the bench. Never said anything. Just watched.


3. With the Clippers he graduated to the bench and an active role. Body language saying, players listened.

I like guys like this. Scrappy, smart dudes who work hard and worked at one point for the Celtics. I root for those guys. Is he savvy enough to get Lebron’s ear? Tough to say but he got Blake and KG to take him seriously. In the long run, that may be more important the European championships.



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