Go Time


The NBA is back! And good timing because there’s nothing else going on in sports. Only three games, but a good finish for the defending champs.

Line of the night: Anthony Davis, 26 pts, 17 rbs, 9 blocks. Runner up: Nicola Vucevic with 15 points and 23 rebounds.

There was one other game, but it was over before the end of the first quarter. Unfortunately, that left 7 innings. Which, compared to the crushing 2002 loss to the Angels, provides much more hope for the Giants. In fact, after spending an hour or two in the fetal position, I’ve re-emerged and I think the Giants are going to win game 7. Here’s why:

1. Barry Zito 2012.

2. Tim Hudson 2014. I think he’s going to give the Giants 4-5 innings.

3. Jeremy Guthrie 2014. He can’t pitch well again, can he? His career stats are 83-100 with a 4.23 era. He’s not much younger than Tim Hudson. If Hudson goes 5 innings, 1 run, and Guthrie goes 4 innings, 3 runs, the Giants are in command. The Royals middle inning options are shaky. How beautiful will it be when the Giants go ahead on back to back homers by Buster Posey (avenging an awful awful awful at bat tonight where I wanted to throw up after an incredible at bat by Joe no Panik) and Pablo Sandoval, who will then stare at Yordano Ventura in the Royals dugout. At that moment (top of the 5th), FOX is going to show #40 warming up in the SF bullpen.

4. Bumgarner is going to pitch a shut out 5th and 6th. Tim Lincecum is going to warm up and then sit down for the 8th time in the playoffs, just so we get to be reminded he’s with us.

5. Affeldt, Romo, Casilla. Giants win 5-1.

I feel good. I almost believe it. I really hope it isn’t going so badly that I start turning on NESN to see Rondo v. KG


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