Greatness Sunday: Bumgarner and… Tom Brady?


Mark is tired of creating illustrations of the San Francisco Giants. So, forget about Madison Bumgarner’s game for the ages. Let’s talk about Tom Brady. Was it even three weeks ago that people were saying he might be done? (By which I mean, worth dropping from a fantasy team? And for the record, I have Brady on my fantasy team, and I didn’t drop him, and I appreciate his 34 fantasy points today). He’s been incredible ever since. Five touchdowns, 30-35 passing, 354 yards.

Ok. Enough of that. I didn’t even watch the game. For all I know, all five of the touchdowns bounced off linebackers before miraculously ending up in Gronk’s hands.

I did watch Bumgarner and the Giants. Things are going so awesomely right now, that I feel I should go negative so as not to jinx it. So, here are the ways it could even be better (besides the series already being over with a Giants victory).

1. It’d have been nice to see Lincecum one more time–maybe the 8th inning of game 4 instead of Romo with the Giants up 11-4. Not just because I love Timmy. He’s potentially going to be a critical option in these next two games and it’d be nice to know if he’s looking up to being in such a critical situation. Unless Peavy or Hudson pulls out a Tom Brady-like throw back performance, we’re looking at a lot of tense bullpen situations. The great Petit can give them a few innings in one of those games. Maybe Bumgarner can give them some innings in game 7. But it’d be nice to know if Lincecum is one of those guys, and we don’t have enough to go on to know.

2. Santiago Casilla has not had a save opportunity in this series. I can imagine a very stressful 9th inning in front of a loud KC crowd.

3. I think that’s it… They could have handled the 6th inning better in games 2 and 3, but they’ve responded great. They hit KC’s bullpen, too, so they aren’t as scary. But, I still remember 2002, and won’t forget it until they pull this one out.


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