Ruh Roh


I’ve never been anything approaching a professional athlete. But I’ve played enough sports to know that when I’m playing, I’m rarely much fazed when I’m losing. If I think I’m the better player and on the better team, I have no fear that I can come back from whatever the obstacle. And I know the Giants feel that way now being down by a very manageable 2 games to 1.

As a fan, I’m in full panic mode. Why we are in trouble:

We have only one starting pitcher that we can confidently think can win a big game for us.

Our MVP, Buster Posey, is slumping. The game was lost tonight in the 6th inning with the tying run on second, one out, and Posey up. He grounded out on the first pitch.

Our lineup is not having the good at bats they were even three days ago. They are swinging into outs on the first and second pitches, not battling deep into counts the way Hosmer did tonight against Lopez.

The KC bullpen is not faltering the way the Nats and Cards provided. It, admittedly, looks pretty good. But we should be pouncing on their starting pitchers.

Why we will be ok:

We’ll start hitting. It’s all about that. We have to start hitting and getting ahead early in games. Bochy, I trust, will make the adjustments to make it happen. Can Morse not go back to playing left field? If Vogelsong makes it through the KC order twice, I’ll be very curious to see if he gives him a chance to make the same mistakes Peavy and Hudson just did. I really hope not.

We’ve been down before in the playoffs and pulled it out each time. We win on the road and we win with our back against the wall. Actually, history is the only thing that gives me any comfort tonight.


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