Highs and Lows of a Timmy Fan


The first 6 plus innings were a blur. All I remember is there was Tim Lincecum on the mound to start the 7th. And he looked like vintage (2012) Lincecum. All was again good in the world. Tim Lincecum was fluid, making bats miss. Was I the only one thinking, ‘game 4 starter?’ Or at least, 2012 super-reliever?

The wonders lasted just 5 hitters. An injured leg? A tight lower back?

This sucks. Tim Lincecum deserves better. I know his stats this year. And last year. And, for the most part, the year before. I think the year before that, too. But this Giants run that started in 2010 started with Tim Lincecum. Don’t let anyone in the media tell you otherwise–Giants fans really appreciate Madison Bumgarner and Buster Posey. We have a lot of affection for Pablo Sandoval and Hunter Pence.

We love Tim Lincecum. Love him. He is way overpaid, he has pitched terribly, and we still love him. Because he turned this team around and led them to their first WS championship. And we’ll never forget that, and we want him to be apart of this next run. Today looked like the beginning of a special turning point in this series…hopefully, we get him back. We need him. If he’s not hurt, we’re going to see him again.


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