Game 1: Ho Hum

If you are a diehard fan, you don’t like exciting games. And this one was exactly what a diehard fan wants. Very few moments of suspense. We yelled at Flannery for sending Posey home. What a stupid move! But it was only the first inning, and the Giants ultimately had the game already won by then. We later groaned when Brandon Crawford surprised us with an error, but Bumgarner got out of that unscathed, too. Giants got some more runs in the 4th and it was on to game 2.

The only fear I had going into the late innings was that Lincecum was going to come in. It’s an agonizing fear because I so badly want him to pitch. He’s the most famous and popular Giant of this era and we want to see if he can dial it back to 2012 (having just about given up his dialing it back to the glorious days of 2010 when he rode off the field on everyone’s shoulders). But the potential of his pitching also produces great anxiety. If he does come in, is there any lead that is still safe? How horrible would it be if he came in and walked the leadoff hitter. Crowd rises to their feet, bullpen is on alert, and we have a ball game again. He goes 3-0 on the next batter because no one is swinging at the change up in the dirt, and now here come’s the 90 mph fast ball down the middle… Fortunately, Bochy chose not to go there, and it was the right move to re-establish Strickland as a late inning force. This game didn’t require too much strategizing, but as always, Bochy made every right move, like having the guts to pinch hit for Ishikawa in the 4th inning, and bunt for an extra run and get better defense.

Giants are 9-1 in their last 10 WS games. Expect the unexpected, they always say. But this world series has the feel of their last two, and if the Jake Peavy feel good story continues….


Also here’s the answer to Mark’s question.


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