Giants and Jameis

Giants: what can you say that hasn’t been said? The room for error with them is so small because they are so not a dominant team, that it’s excruciating every time a mistake is made. But then they keep getting them back.

Why aren’t Tom Verducci and Frank Thomas managers? Or at least bench coaches? Verducci is right on every piece of strategy. Like Brandon Crawford’s success against lefties.

Add to the Giants post-season miracle list: Travis Ishikawa’s 3 run double. If the series were over today, he’s as good an MVP as anyone right now.

Everyone was screaming at Bochy not to go with Hudson in the 7th for the various reasons. With the bottom of the order there, why not give Tim Lincecum a shot? He sucked in 2012 then caught fire in the playoffs. It is possible that Big Time Timmy Jim is truly a big game pitcher and that might have been a spot to see if it was so. What a huge weapon he was then, and somehow I feel like he deserves a chance to show if he could be again. [I know: that’s an unrepentant homer moment; but at least I didn’t gratuitously point out how everyone is crediting Barry Bonds with Brandon Crawford’s ability to hit lefties.]

The media loves to lump things together to create a personality that is “controversial.” In so doing, they often lump minor things with major things. “Ray Lewis was involved in a homocide and later failed to pay for a parking ticket.” With Jameis Winston, why won’t people focus on the real issue: he was accused of rape and Florida State University didn’t investigate and didn’t ever force Winston to account for his actions, actions that–even if his side of the story is in any way correct still are suggestive of major impropriety on his part. That’s the issue. Full stop. All the attention to his signing autographs for money or making lewd comments is makeup for a major fuck up on his and FSU’s part.

What is amazing for Winston is that he got away with something, and potentially something that should have landed him in jail for many years. Give Ray Lewis at least this credit: he became a saint (at least in the public eye) after his “mistake.” Winston doesn’t seem to realize he’s accountable for anything. That said–he’s 20 years old. Florida State remains the true evil here–if they had any inch of integrity, they’d ban Winston from playing until all of this is sorted out, and they’d give back their championship from last year for the way they acted. They didn’t follow basic due process, and that deserves punishment for the university.

And by the way, since this blog is largely serving to fill a tiny empty hole in the infinite inter web universe (I don’t even think Facebook or the NSA bothers to check here), I was out on a run tonight feeling pissed off about the assholes at my day job (#firstworldproblems) and was looking for a good pissed off song to listen to on my iPhone. Not the normal self-loathing angsty stuff I typically listen to. Something just straight forward angry. Nothing was quite right–Lydia Loveless enjoys her anger too much in “Head”; old stand by “Twenty Four Hours” by Joy Division wasn’t enough unhinged; and Pearl Jam’s “Once” was too triumphant. Stumbled onto “Territorial Pissings” by Nirvana. What’s remarkable about the song is not just how angry he is, and how amazing Dave Grohl’s drumming is, but how hopeful Kurt Cobain is. I think. Either that, or he just snapped 2/3s of the way through the song. Mark, what’s your go to pissed off song?


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