Joel Freeland and Google


Google “Joel Freeland,” the hard working backup center for the Portland Trailblazers who has worked his way from stacking shelves to the NBA, and what comes up is: “Gordon Hayward Posterizes Joel Freeland,” and “Gordon Hayward Dunks all Over Joel Freeland,” and “Gordon Hayward embarrasses Joel Freeland.” That’s the reality of being a professional athlete and everyone will forget this moment and move on to the next dunk, scandal, or championship.

But for Joel Freeland, how long before you google his name and this doesn’t come up? (too bad it didn’t happen to Joe Smith). That’s what sucks about google. And Joel Freeland’s story is at least good for a laugh–he didn’t do anything he should feel ashamed of. Think of all the other otherwise obscure people who have one really embarrassing or regretful thing happen to them. It’s going to sit there forever.

If it ever happens to me, my two choices are to go more extreme so that there’s even a more embarrassing story for google to cover (is full frontal in a supermarket line with some LOL cats involved enough?) or to move to the end of the earth, which is–with global warming–somewhere just off the northern coast of Maine. You’ll know where to find me.



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