Are the Giants the 2012 Celtics?

The parallels are too obvious, and they have to be noted here at the only blog in the universe for those one of us who are both Boston Celtics and San Francisco Giants fans. Just like the Celtics battled the Miami Heat a couple of years ago with nothing more than grit and guile only to finally succumb to the young athleticism, the Giants may well be doing the same. LeBron and DWade are replaced by Harper and Zimmerman and Strasburg and every other player on the young Nationals roster. Every Harper home run is like a LeBron screaming dunk over Pierce. You bump and grind and try to keep them out of their flow, and then they remind you that you are so 2000 and late. The Giants gave their best shot with Bumgarner, and now it’s back to two broken down grits–Vogelsong and Peavy.  Even their 7th inning singer is broken down and making basic mistakes on the words of “America the Beautiful”; (However, Tony Bennett’s composure in the face of realizing that he should have retired ten years ago would make KG proud). They might have even given Drew Storen some confidence, too.

Too pessimistic? Probably. But I grew up with a dad who won’t even watch the game because he’s assuming the worst; at least I watch while I predict doom. If you expect the worst, you have the chance to be surprised, right? I’ll wait one more day before I start griping about Sabean’s annual unwillingness to get another bat. (Ok, one gripe–who is the better hitter? Bumgarner or Duffy?)


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