Tale of Two Cities


Props to Bochy. How else can you explain the Giants post-season run stretching back to 2010? They keep beating totally stacked teams with good pitching and clutch hitting and composure. Yes, the starting pitchers have continually been absolute studs. But how do you explain the constant clutch hitting by a continually different set of names? Uribe, Ross, and Renteria in 2010; Scutaro, Sandoval, and Pence in 2012; Joe Panik, Brandon Crawford, and Brandon Belt so far this year. And how do you explain the bullpen? Bochy is using his 3rd closer in 3 tries, and he constantly makes aggressive moves that relies on a half dozen pitchers a game. A lot of managers wouldn’t have gone to Javier Lopez as early as the 6th inning, a guy he needed in the 8th inning when Bryce Harper was up against Romo. (Obviously, Romo got the out–I was wondering at the moment, where’s Bumgarner for a single batter on his throwing day?)

And all of this happened again on the same day that the exact opposite situation happened to the LA Dodgers. Kershaw is left in too long, the Dodgers blow a big lead against a team that they are better than. It’s only one day, but it’s too perfect.

Btw, the last time the Giants faced a pitcher in the playoffs who had previously thrown a no-hitter, it was 2010 against Roy Halladay.

Addendum: Obviously, the big time media is reading us: Jonah Keri just wrote this piece arguing that Bochy is one of the greatest managers of all time.



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