Who to root for?


Let’s face it: it doesn’t get better than 2008 Ubuntu Celtics. They are my favorite square for life. I grew up with Paul Pierce. Yeah, I love Larry but Pierce is my dude.

When he rolled up for a Red Sox game (that didn’t feature Nomar Garciaparra) wearing a Celtics jacket, I smiled. I miss that guy. I wish they paid him just so I could have someone on the court who really loved being a Celtic. The Wizards are better fit for him. (Brooklyn always felt like a mercenary squad.) They have real talent and could be blossoming into a contender.¬†Pierce signed with some good young bucks that he could pass of his knowledge to, I was happy for him and DC. That said, the Celts are a mess. The first person Ainge ever wanted to trade is the best player on his roster. Mr. Rondo also just broke his hand. In the shower. I dunno. That’s just fishy. I don’t have a problem with young folks doing dumb stuff (see: Pierce, Paul) I was hoping this stuff was behind Rondo. I was hoping he’d torch the East and earn a max contract (preferably with us). We’ll see. I like Rondo but I’m still not sure he’s who I’m rooting for on this Celtics squad.



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