Ivan Maisel on Jameis Winston


Ivan Maisel writes today that Jameis Winston “picked the wrong week to shout something demeaning to women.”

He goes on:

“Throughout his college life, Winston has been unable to grasp the maturity that it takes to be an American public figure. He said what he said in innocence, on the spur of the moment, without understanding that nothing he shouts from a tabletop is just among friends. Winston is lucky neither Florida State nor the American public has a three-strikes policy for stupidity, or he would be out on the street.

Winston picked the wrong moment to do what he did. America speaks quickly these days, and conventional wisdom goes viral with such force that no quarantine can contain it. Wife-beating hasn’t begat an ice bucket challenge, but the nation has decided spousal abuse is this week’s ALS — another disease that has resisted all efforts to cure.”

Mark Schlabach wasn’t much better. He wrote on Thursday that Winston was a ‘knucklehead’ with the same problems of Johnny Manziel of doing dumb and immature college-age things. Unlike Maisel, Schlabach at least referenced the rape, although he notably never used the word “rape”, preferring the term “sexual assault.” (Marc Tracy at the NYT uses the term “rape” today in his article).

Yep, just another immature college student. Boys will be boys. Just like Johnny Manzeil (who, last I heard, hasn’t done anything harmful to anyone else but himself). According to Maisel, the Political Correct police brought Winston down. He’s immature, he shouted something innocently “on the spur of the moment”.

They are ignoring the obvious. Winston doesn’t miss a game for the comment he made if it wasn’t for the coverup of an alleged rape of a classmate, exactly the kind of coverup that occurred with Ray Rice hitting his fiancé. Winston and all the higher ups at Florida State should really be thanking his roommate that he erased the video of the alleged rape.


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