Greg Hardy is Playing This week


Yesterday, while  eating meatloaf and mashed potatoes at a restaurant [because its already getting cold and we really all should be talking about climate change] and watching ESPN on the big screen and their coverage of Ray Rice, the first commercial following the coverage was of Jameis Winston running, I assume towards the end zone.

Inconsistency is nothing new to ESPN or all sports reporting. Remember when everyone was attacking big headed Barry Bonds while simultaneously celebrating big headed Alex Rodriguez and ‘roid raging Roger Clemens? It was so obvious they were having the same meatloaf that Bonds was having, but all the focus was on one guy while celebrating the others. Or, how about John Calipari? He’s been caught cheating twice for recruitment violations. Yet, he recruits some of the best freshmen in history at Kentucky, year after year, but nothing is going wrong?

But, okay, none of these guys assaulted anyone that we know of. Just sleazy cheaters. (Except Barry Bonds–we love you big headed Barry!!] I guess if I had a suggestion with these guys…don’t be nice to them. Wait them out while they are “claiming” innocence, but don’t celebrate their success as anything more than what we know it to be. Especially in Calipari’s case–shouldn’t he be the one explaining why he isn’t cheating this time? And how does the University of Kentucky explain his hiring? “We look for coaches with resumes that have zero tournament wins because they’ve all been revoked by cheating allegations.”

[Tangent alert: This kind of absurdity goes for UC Berkeley, who avid followers of the blog well remember, just gave a prestigious endowed chair to a well known war criminal, John Yoo. On the spectrum of sleazy cheaters <—> violent attackers, promoting widespread heinous torture is off the charts, and not in the good direction. Yoo gets an endowed chair for standing up to Human Rights, while Steven Salaita lost his job at the University of Illinois for tweeting his opposition to Israel.]

On the other hand, we’ve also got Greg Hardy, who, as noted more than a month ago by The Big Lead, went totally violent on his former girlfriend and is playing this week for Carolina. Ok, again, there’s something about due process here that we are supposed to believe in because supposedly America is all about the bill of rights or something like that. But, what the hell? Does Ray Rice get reinstated as soon as he gets a better lawyer? Consistency, people!

Or maybe I’m just mad that I’m having to eat meatloaf on the second week of September.



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