The Whole World is Watching


Lest we ever doubt the power of video, we have Ray Rice’s video which…confirms what we already knew happened with Ray Rice.

And in the meantime, in the world of absurdly ironic timing, Florida State University Finally Launches an Investigation into the Jameis Winston Rape Report. Remember that one? The one that Florida State pretty much ignored? The one that led to a bunch of giggling guys at the DA’s office announcing that there was no evidence of an accused rape because they never followed up with any of the witnesses, the suspect, or just about anything else. That was followed up by a Heisman trophy and national championship.

I thought about putting Winston’s picture up, but to his benefit of the doubt, he wasn’t convicted, even if there was a coverup and there was never an actual investigation of any kind. Plus, its easy to demonize the individual athletes. Sometimes we totally should. They do demonizing things. And if they are good enough to win championships, they won’t get punished. But the old white guys in the suits never get demonized. They just run things, run the cover ups, enable all the shiftiness to happen (I typed shittyness originally, and it was auto-corrected to shiftiness and that works too), and basically grow and stir the scum while getting none of the blame. let’s give them some of the blame.


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