It’s Really Over this Time

0714_pierce Like any other good stalker, I don’t take ‘no’ for an answer when it comes to the possible end of my relationships. So when Paul, Jesus, and KG said that while it wasn’t me, things weren’t working anymore and they had to ‘move on,’ I said, OK. Because I knew they weren’t really going anywhere. They’d enjoy their delusions for a year or two before realizing how great things are over here at homer, and they’d come running back. They’d realize quickly that the big city lights of Miami and Brooklyn would quickly fade and they’d return to something real. But now it’s really over. The Truth is going to the Wizards. There are no championships to be won in DC, no KG to play with, no Doc Rivers to join. And I have to accept that even the unexciting Wizards are better than coming home. The Big 3 are really no more. I might even have to deal with my drinking problem, let alone Jeff Green not getting traded back to OKC for Perk. Its also time to accept that the Celtics are not just in temporary reloading mode. They are going to suck again. Kevin Love is not coming to join Rondo, Carmelo, and the Truth. Its going to be a team of Rondo, Cody Zeller’s brother, El Hombre who is definitely not Indestructible, and 9 guys who aren’t guards because they can’t shoot and aren’t forwards because they can’t rebound. If we can’t get the Three Amigos back, how about Delonte West?


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