Things Learned Today



Tyler Zeller is not Cody Zeller. I was upset to hear the Celtics had traded for Cody Zeller. Now, I realize, they got his lesser known brother.

Marcus Thornton once averaged 21 points a game in an NBA season. It was only in 27 games, but then he averaged close to 19 points a game the following year, playing more than half the season. It made me wonder: is 20 the new 8 in the NBA? But I looked at this season’s list of players averaging 20 points plus a game–its a good group. Not a Marcus Thornton (himself included) in the bunch. (For whatever reason, the number of players averaging 20 points a game more than doubled this year from last. Someone needs to figure out why.)

I will reserve judgment for now with the hopes that Danny Ainge is up to something big involving Kevin Love. Or that the Celtics are the secret third team in the LeBron James sweepstakes, and not just the team that takes Tyler Zeller to open cap-space for Cleveland to sign him.

I do like this line from Gary Washburn at the Boston Globe about the possible Celtics interest in Lance Stephenson: “He would make a major impact in the Celtics’ backcourt; just imagine a Stephenson-Rajon Rondo combination, which perhaps would be one of the more irritating in NBA history.”

Another things learned (actually a few days back, while watching Brazilians sing the second verse of their national anthem after the official music allowed by FIFA stopped): the U.S. national anthem has a second verse…actually it has four verses. I think we should pull out the third verse next time we play England in the World Cup.

And with the Men in Blazers apparently headed home from the World Cup after such a great run that put them so much on the map, I’ll honor them with my favorite quote from their podcasts, this in reference to showing Mexico’s coach Miguel Herrera celebrating after a goal: Herrera, in that celebratory moment, has experienced “more happiness than any Englishman has felt in his entire generation.”


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