What’s Going on in Jason Kidd’s Head?


Jason Kidd is a weird dude. He never says a lot, never played with a lot of outward emotion, and always seemed composed and in control. And then, we constantly hear about problems that he may or may not have created. We won’t go domestic for now; just coaches. Lou Campanelli fired at Cal after Kidd had been there for 10 games as a college freshman. Dick Motta when he joined Dallas for the first time in the NBA. Byron Scott at New Jersey. Avery Johnson at Dallas. Lawrence Frank this past year at Brooklyn. Now he’s off to Milwaukee in maybe the weirdest power move ever. And again, Kidd is saying nothing. It’s never quite worked for him in the past. He led Cal to its biggest win in its modern history, an upset of Duke in 1993, but then lost in the sweet sixteen. He led the Nets to the finals twice, but lost them both. I guess he won with Dallas against LeBron, but that wasn’t really his team. Good luck, Jason. Good luck Milwaukee assistant coaches.


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