Can We Get Another #Rallyzito?


Improbable. Yes? Any more improbable than the last time?  Well…at least this time he’s facing John Lannan and the Philadelphia Phillies.

History redefines events, and added time is only going to make the incredibly clutch performance of Barry Zito against the Cardinals last October more and more mythical. And then he went on to beat Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander in the first game of the WS. That’s right. Barry Zito. The man currently sporting a road era of 9.89.

As things get clearer in the rearview mirror, Zito’s performances just keep getting bigger because he has shown that he did not turn a corner, did not figure anything out…he’s still the Barry Zito of the last half dozen years who–god bless him–is a great teammate, works hard, doesn’t complain, but doesn’t have the talent he once had as a cy young winner for the A’s.

And this is not a rant on Barry Zito. I might even argue that Zito’s contract was totally worth it. He won them a world series. All the money to Barry Bonds–didn’t win them a  WS. Rob Nen–great, but failed when it mattered (I know his arm was coming off. No disrespect Rob.) Who did more with their contract, Zito or MVP Jeff Kent who didn’t come through in the playoffs? Given how rare it is to win a WS, Zito’s two miraculously clutch performances make him worth every penny.

Runner up, miracle division for the 2012 playoffs: Pablo Sandoval.

Second Runner up, stretching a bit further back: Juan Uribe.

Honorable mention: Edgar Renteria. And why not? Cody Ross.

So, let’s get greedier. I still believe in Bumgarner, Cain, and Lincecum, they still have a great closer, and Buster Ballgame. Pickup someone improbable veteran like…I don’t know…this year’s version of Ross/Scutaro….I’d have said Alfonso Soriano, but its too late on that one. How about Jason Giambi?

As for my other fallen dynasty? (You wonder why its been quiet here? Not good times for unrepentanthomer. Not good times at all. And the other half of unrepentanthomer–the half that brings you the awesome graphics–moved back to Oakland. So, warning: lots of attention to the Golden State Warriors coming this fall. We’re unrepentant, but we aren’t stupid).

As sad as the picture is below, am I crazy to think the Celtics are going to surprise this year? If Rondo comes back in time, I predict: 1) the C’s make the playoffs; 2) Rondo is in the short list of MVP candidates; 3) Olynyk is rookie of the year. You heard it here before I scrub any memory of this prediction come December.



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