Celtics Should Emulate the Spurs

And that starts with Paul Pierce following the Manu Ginobli model and coming off the bench.

But otherwise, if you think about it, the Celtics and Spurs needn’t be that different. A dominant big man in the later stages of his career. A younger dominant point guard (and it’s no accident that both the Celtics and Spurs thrive when their point guards are at their best). An outstanding 2-3 who is clutch, gritty, and older, (and they both take some of the flattest 3 point shots in the league, only to be followed by a clutch crunch-time dagger).

As to the role players: the Spurs have Leonard; the Celtics Green. The Spurs have Green, the Celtics have Terry/Lee. The Spurs have Splitter, the Celtics have Sully. The Spurs have Neal, the Celtics have Bradley.  And they have two of the best coaches in the NBA. 

The biggest difference is scoring from outside. Terry failed. Lee failed. Rondo, when healthy, can’t score the way Parker does. The Celtics need …Ray Allen, Clay Thompson. Let’s get it done.



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