1.5 games out of 4th, 10.5 games ahead of 9th


Fourth place, with home court advantage, would be nice. With the exception of the Bulls with Rose, none of the potential 5 seeds are scary. And then you get Miami in the next round.

To me, the championship for the Celtics this year would be to upset Miami. Not probable, but not impossible. So, unless their a 4 seed, why not just rest up and be the 8th seed? There’s no risk of falling to 9th.

This is subject to change If they beat OKC on Sunday, or even play down to the wire.

I’d love to see Josh Smith play on a team where somebody would motivate him to play every day and every quarter.

After reading this, I thought about the last two older players with reputations of absolutely insane workout schedules were Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. Part of it is that it’s really hard to work out that hard without breaking down. If this happens, it will be curious to see who decides to retire this off-season. (And if you think I’m being snarky, remind yourself that my two favorite sports teams are the Celtics and SF Giants. I’m all about old guys with ‘fresh’ legs.)


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