I was wrong, the Knicks are better with Carmelo



At least Carmelo takes the ball away from this guy. JR is one of those rare guys in the NBA who you fear when he gets hot–I mean you fear it if you are rooting for his team. Because when he gets hot, he’s going to shoot even more than he shoots when he isn’t hot. He took 29 shots tonight, the second time this year he’s done that. Kevin Durant has twice taken 30 shots in a game. But he’s f-ing Kevin Durant. Also, Durant had 41 and 52 in those two games, and the Thunder won them both. LeBron took 30 shots once; Kobe has taken 29 shots or more only 4 times (‘only’ because it’s Kobe, and in one of them he took 41 shots). Stephen Curry took 28 shots once, but scored 54 points….

If the Knicks are going to have someone jack up shots in isolation all game, might as well get Carmelo back out there soon. 


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