My excited claim a couple of months ago that a Golden State Warrior shooting guard was the next Ray Allen was prescient. Too bad I said it was Klay Thompson. Curry’s 18-23 from 3 point range in his last two games. And as another unrepentanthomer pointed out, he scored his 54 against a team that had 6 guys who played against his dad.

I’m watching for someone like Durant or Kobe to get 50+ in their next game. These guys tend to try to one-up guys who score 50. I’d say LeBron, but it’s hard to get 50+ when you are getting 15+ assists.

LeBron’s performance (40 and 16) was the first time time a player had scored 40 points with 15 plus assists since… Kevin Johnson. KJ has kind of been a forgotten man of the ’90s. He had a lot of injuries and a bad championship series performance against the Bulls. But take a look at his stats and then look at Chris Paul’s stats. Eerie the similarities, from points to assists to missed games. But I give KJ the advantage for being the same size as Paul but being known for dunking in the lane on 7 footers. The guy behind him in this picture is Olajuwon. (click the link for the video). Pretty good for a mayor.



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