What Counts as Acceptable Cheating? (And Go Celtics, Go)


This article from the San Jose Mercury News recounting statements by Joe Flacco at the end of the Super Bowl are really interesting. Flacco was telling teammates that if on the final play of the game, Ted Ginn Jr. of the 49ers broke away and was running for the endzone, someone on the Ravens sideline should jump out and tackle him.  Turns out that it wouldn’t have worked: it would have constituted a “Palpably Unfair Act” under NFL rules, and Ginn would have been awarded a touchdown.

Which is really interesting compared to what isn’t a “Palpably Unfair Act” in sports. Take soccer, which is having a massive cheating scandal of its own. In the last World Cup, Luis Suarez made a move somewhat similar to Flacco to save a game for Uruguay. As the picture above shows, he used both hands to stop what would have been a game winning shot. He was red carded and removed, and Ghana received a penalty kick. They missed, and eventually lost the game. Now, Suarez was a player on the field at the time, whereas Flacco was on the side-lines. But again, the question that I am clearly consumed with is what counts as acceptable cheating? What is clever, what is gamesmanship, what is beyond the pale?  That’s all. 



I’d probably do Jordan and Bledsoe for KG if KG were willing. But I don’t know if that’s offered, and I don’t know if KG’s willing, and I still like this team. 

Why does winning the championship have to be the goal of a good season for the Celtics? (I know the reasons…bare with me). I for one will be very happy if, a) they beat Ray.  That should be a t-shirt. Beat Ray. I’ll also be happy if, b) they beat Melo, and not Fab. Sadly, I don’t care much for beating LeBron anymore. He’s too nice these days. Kobe too. What’s with all the positive Celtic stuff, Kobe?  

Watching the game last night at unrepentanthomer’s favorite bar (Appelbees), we talked a lot about possible trades, retracting each one of them with every Pierce line-drive 3, KG fade-away, and Jeff Green block.  But the one that intrigued me–Rondo for Gasol and Nash. Lakers are stacked next year; Celtics go for it now. 

So many fascinating basketball players in the news for non-court activity. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar writes a great review of Girls. Jalen Rose speaks the truth at some undergrad’s apartment. And, um… I can’t remember.


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