4-0 Post-Rondo


5-0 if you include the win on January 7th over the Knicks when Rondo was suspended. They were 3-6 in between those games with Rondo in the lineup, leading the team in assists all 9 games. Its absurd to think that they are better off without Rondo, and I don’t buy some Ewing Theory (players play better when the star leaves) going on. I think they just are having to move the ball more instead of just letting Rondo do all the creating. They’re playing tougher defense and sharing the ball. But they still don’t have enough offense to go too deep into the playoffs. But given the NBA drug testing rules, we can all root for KG to get his 4th test over as fast as possible to get some added life in his legs.

I don’t see the point of trading KG or Pierce for scraps. They’ve got a good nucleus already for next year–Rondo, Bradley, Green, Sullinger, Melo.  That’s your future starting 5, and it’s not a championship team, but that’s without getting free agents from the expiring contracts of KG and Pierce. Add an elite scorer and big man to that 5, and they are competitive for more championships. For this year, I think the new mantra should be, “Beat Ray.” Take Miami out in round 1, and it’s a good year.


Jim Harbaugh gave Tyler Kaepernick his chance. And I’ll admit, I was yelling, ‘bring in Alex Smith’ way back when Kaepernick threw the early interception against Green Bay. But the season ends with me yelling to Harbaugh to get out of Kaepernick’s way. Where was the pistol? Kaepernick is going to be great, and since he seems to be smart enough to go out of bounds, he’ll hopefully have more longevity than RGIII, Michael Vick, Steve Young, etc.

Given the patriotism and anger of many Republicans towards Beyonce’s lip-syncing the national anthem, are they going to be upset that Jeep used actors to portray national military heroism? Are they going to be upset that Jeep is owned by Italians?


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