Oh Rondo


That obviously hurts. But I still think the Celtics can make a run well into the playoffs. They often play better when Rondo doesn’t play–that’s certainly happened in their last two games without him, victories against the Knicks and Heat.  Not because he isn’t great, but because guys like Paul Pierce start passing the ball more. Given Pierce’s increasingly heavy legs on his jumper, the Rondo injury is going to greatly help his season.  Not to quote too directly from Doc’s mouth, but “I still like our team.” Without exclusively relying on Rondo, I think the Celtics may come together a bit more as a unit.  Championship expectations can only be wishful, but we were wishing anyway given the way the team’s been playing.  I’m still predicting an eastern conference finals appearance. But its starting to be a ‘bolder’ prediction, not just with Rondo down, the Celtics sucking, and the Knicks and Carmelo playing like its their year to win a playoff series and maybe even two, but also the Bulls are increasingly looking like they are the team to beat. And were this not a homer site, I’d be predicting them to shock the Heat and go the NBA finals this year.

The New York Times specializes in running parochial stories written by their journalists about their friends. What separates the Times from other papers is that they call their parochial stories ‘national trends.’ Someone at the Times knows someone who is doing x. They write an article saying that x is a new trend. How do they know this is a trend? There’s no new data showing that x is happening more frequently. There’s nothing. Just a hunch. The latest example of this, “In Hiring, A Friend in Need is a Prospect, Indeed,” by Nelson D. Schwartz, has an additional twist, unnoticed by the author because he didn’t bother to do any real investigating. He says that companies in need of hiring are turning to current employees to find friends of theirs to hire for openings. It speeds up the process. Here’s the problem. Word of mouth hiring is also frequently illegal because friends hire friends both wittingly and unwittingly who look like them.


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