Anyone else think Ray Lewis is a Phony?


The overly-wraught emotion coming from Ray Lewis is getting tiring. I noticed it after the Colts game–when all his teammates went to hug their former defensive coordinator who is recovering from cancer, Lewis went and hugged himself. And that’s all he’s been doing ever since. Tonight, the National Anthem, the post-game falling to the ground all Jordan style.  Not to mention, was he really taking his jersey off with 2:30 minutes to go and New England still with 3 timeouts?

Let’s contrast him with Tony Gonzalez. We see Gonzalez after he catches passes and TDs (and why wasn’t he thrown the ball at the end of the game by the Falcons?).  We see Lewis when plays are over, celebrating on the sidelines.  Please retire.

That game was so boring that I kept switching to an even more boring Celtics-Pistons game.  I can’t decide which Boston team played with less energy tonight.



  1. bmitchell454

    You took the words right out of my mouth. His post-game interviews are getting really old. I realize he has been the face of that franchise now for more than a decade, but someone really needs to tell him to tone it down a bit. He’s making himself look like a jackass.

  2. Sam Adams

    He is also a thug, keep in mind the murder charges, maybe he did, maybe he didnt. Either way he was still there and watched his buddies do it. THUG and Coward and should not be idolized.

  3. Mike

    Ray Lewis is the biggest phony I have ever seen.What’s even worse is the announcers talking about him like he is such a good role model.He is a murderer and the NFL knows it. Of course what do you expect when they name an award after Walter Payton who cheated on his wife and had a child with another woman that he never was interested in meeting.Yet the award named after him is supposed to reflect his good character.

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