The Ironies of Cheating


And oh are there so many.  I’ve got no love for Lance Armstrong. In fact, I admired him somewhat more before his televised interview. I mean, I knew he was on the juice. But my sense is that most of these guys are on drugs, illegal and legal, and I’m not convinced as to how much it gives him an advantage.  But his evasiveness, third-person abstraction, and shrugging off all the people he destroyed while knowing all along that he was the liar…he’s a small time thug.  Why go on tv when that’s what you are going to do?

At the same time, what are standards for cheating? He’s being interviewed by Oprah. Are you telling me she’s clean? That her rise to being Oprah didn’t involve crossing lines, being a bully, and taking performance enhancing drugs (for appearance)?  The entertainment industry is full of cosmetic drugs and surgeries.  Why are they not cheaters?  When Armstrong says that PEDs are like tire air and water, why is he different than the necessary botox and face lift/boob job?

It’s too obvious to say more about cheating ironies than to mention Aaron Swartz being so fiercely prosecuted by US attorneys (who are no doubt on a variety of intellectual stimulants) while they ignore torturers and swindling financiers. Swartz is dead and John Yoo is a tenured professor of law at Berkeley.

Congress members win re-election because of gerrymandering and extreme campaign finance imbalances attack baseball players in highly publicized hearings for PEDs.  The media attacks Te’o but ignores a far more egregious coverup at Notre Dame.

Rod Benson suggests that NBA players don’t use PED’s. I do wonder about certain guys. No knowledge, just speculation. Michael Jordan after his second retirement. He was a lot bigger, and I wonder if he used something for strength and recovery. Magic’s comeback after AIDS had similar attributes. My man KG. He’s so healthy, so youthful, so durable. Dwight Howard’s shoulders. LeBron obviously has the body and hairline, but in his case, I don’t necessarily see what advantage he’d get. He’s young, and his body was a freak of nature in high school. In the NBA, I’d see the advantage for older guys to compete–not sure I see it in the younger guys.  

How the NFL has avoided the issue is fascinating. Fascinating. But I’m willing to believe that there are non-PEDs that serve the function of PEDs, making the whole PED distinction somewhat…what’s the word Oprah used? “Semantics.”


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