New England has a chance to go 8-1 in AFC Championship games if they win this weekend.  If they do, they will have the NFL’s best conference championship game record of all time. We aren’t hearing enough about this.

This will be the 7th AFC Championship game for the current Patriot dynasty.  The 49ers Montana-Young dynasty went to 9 in 14 years (and a 10th, 3 years later), but they were only 5-5, whereas NE is so far 5-1. The Patriots run, coming over 12 years is pretty impressive. The Oakland Raiders went to 7 AFC championship games in 11 years (and an 8th, 3 years later), and the Pittsburgh Steelers went to 6 championship games in 8 years, and although they only won twice, the Dallas Cowboys went to 10 NFC championships in 13 years over the long 1970s.

Arguably, at least, when we are thinking of dynasties, making the championship game over that many years is as impressive as winning 2-3-4 Super Bowls. Obviously, the Super Bowl legacies go to SF and Pittsburgh, followed by the 4 failures of Buffalo and Minnesota. But the longer term runs by these teams is impressive.  New England, despite being as boring a team as I’ve seen in a long time, deserves its place.

I’ve been watching too much tv lately. Way too much.  In addition to basketball and football, I’m watching a lot of bad sitcoms.  It almost made me go off on Girls winning at the Golden Globes but that is too easy, and the show is too widely bashed for all the right reasons.  Instead, I’ll make more ridiculous claims that I nonetheless believe to be totally true–like, is the popular show Two and a Half Men modeled after the Andy Griffith Show?  This is not meant to be an absurdist joke.  The Andy Griffith Show has been on afternoon tv for some reason, and I was watching an episode and the similarities are uncanny.  First, each show has 4 characters–2 and a half men, and an older woman.  Two adult men are separated by the standard straight man and goof ball.  But in this case, the goof ball is identical.  Don Knotts and Jon Cryer are so similar in personality and are the butts of the exact same types of jokes.  Andy Griffith and Charlie Sheen, at first glance, are driven by different moral compasses–but they both sit around giving advice to the kid and enjoying the effection of single ladies.  Yes, its 1960s for 2000s, but watch an episode before you laugh at me.


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