Dumb Rules


Soccer has some annoying rules, and two of them were on display today. First, a red card for a hard foul which leads to having to play a man down the rest of the game. That’s what happened to Arsenal today. The call was valid. Dzeko was brought down in the box. So, give him a penalty kick which is a harsh punishment as it is given how hard goals are to score. But to also put Arsenal a man down…the game is basically over from that point on (the 11 minute mark–leaving 80 minutes to go) for one quick foul.  In the NBA, it’d be 2 free throws and the ball back in a game where each team is going to score around 100 points. In the English Premier League, it’s a great chance at a goal in a game where one goal often is the only goal of the game; and it forces the team with 10 men to play the whole game on the defensive.

And then there’s the scoring–Robin Van Persie makes a beautiful crossing pass to Patrice Evra for the goal. Assist Van Persie, right? Wrong. Evra’s header glanced off another player–Nemanja Vidic. So, ‘assist’ Evra; ‘goal’ Vidic.  Own goal’s are another ridiculous scoring feature. It’s one thing if a player kicks/heads in a ball to the net that otherwise wasn’t going in; it’s another thing when an offensive player blasts a ball into the net off a defender’s foot. That’s not an ‘own goal.’

Where was KG last night for the Broncos to block the practice field goal before the game winner?  Am I the only one who doesn’t want Ray Lewis to win? The stupid helmet, the dancing, he’s the only guy not to go over and hug his cancer-ridden former coach last week.  Ok, at that point, he sounds a little like KG. But, what else…oh right…he probably at least helped kill a man and he got off.  That’s a guy worth revering.


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