Unrepentant homer Moment


That was as good and intense a regular season game as I’ve seen in a long time. Both teams played great. The Knicks hit 8 3’s in the second quarter. Amare looks like he’s going to be legit again. Carmelo lost his cool, but even as a skeptic and even on a bad night, he’s playing like one of the best 5 guys in the NBA which is a great compliment when LeBron, Durant, Kobe, and Chris Paul are in the league.

But this is unrepentant homer so who cares about the Knicks. The Celtics beat them without the best second best point guard in the league.  We had a great Paul Pierce moment, blowing kisses to the crowd, we had KG and Carmelo fighting, Carmelo waiting for the Celtics team bus,  and tough-clutch performances by new guys like Green and Sullinger, and even critical minutes from Leandro Barbosa and Courtney Lee. 

Anyone who gets all of their basketball knowledge from this site (yes, I’m talking to you Steven A. Smith) knows that it’s been building the last few games–the defense is back, the intensity, and the role players are getting comfortable in their roles.  KG’s best strong all year. Pierce has been up and down, and he’s always better when Rondo’s not around. (Do the Celtics share the ball better without him? More guys seem to be involved and more movement–when Rondo’s out there, they all follow him, but there aren’t a lot of secondary cuts). 

Beckley Mason summed it up: “Now, in just four nights, Boston has beaten three of the East’s top four teams. Far from the aging, toothless squad we saw in the season’s first couple months, more and more Boston looks like the team many predicted it would be, one capable of another deep run into the Eastern Conference playoffs.”


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