Should Celtics Play for 8 Seed?


Chris Forsberg is right–the last two games the Celtics have shown the defensive intensity that will get them to the eastern conference finals.  They are also a team that is a lot younger and more athletic than its reputation.  Garnett and Pierce are older and cranky; Terry is definitely getting there. But the rest of the team is young and athletic. They can run a lineup of Rondo, Bradley, Green, Bass, and Sullinger that can match anyone but the Clippers for athleticism.  If they could somehow trade Lee and Melo for a defensive-minded big man, that’d be really great.

But maybe they should stay in the 8 seed. That’s where they are now, and they’d likely get a first round matchup with the Heat. Aren’t they better off getting Miami in round 1, with fresher legs and a shorter series? No one else in the east scares me.

Marc Jackson’s stare down of the Clippers bench in last night game is typical Warriors. Whenever the Warriors have a half-decent team, they escalate the swagger way before they establish themselves.  Jackson called it a championship fight stare-down? Seriously. The Warriors are a great story, and it will be continue to be a great story if they win a first round series in the playoffs. The Clippers are also a great story, but they have hopes of being in the fourth round.

Watching the fairly competitive Mansfield-Liverpool FA cup game (it would be tied if Suarez didn’t so obviously use his hand to score a goal), I was wondering if any non-NBA team of guys in the US could challenge a top-tier NBA team.  At the least, we’ll get to see whether Brian Scalabrine can beat the best 3 individual players in Boston in his scallenge of a series of 1 on 1 games.


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