WAC Football


Watching San Jose State play Bowling Green on TV. They didn’t beat anyone ranked, so my first thought is–why are they ranked #24?

But the better question is, how well would they fare against a top 10 team if college football had a March Madness style playoff system?  One of San Jose States’ losses was by 3 at Stanford, a team currently ranked 6th and headed to the Rose Bowl.  San Jose State was beaten solidly at home by Utah State.  But that doesn’t end the questioning–while Utah State also didn’t beat anyone big, they only lost by 2 points at Wisconsin and by 3 points at BYU.  They beat Louisiana Tech 52-43.

Louisiana Tech, meanwhile, lost 2 additional games–one to San Jose State, and one, 59-57, to TAMU.  TAMU, the team that gave Alabama its only loss, and is ranked #9 in the nation.

I’m not saying San Jose State/Utah State/Louisiana Tech belong in a BCS bowl game, but if this was March Madness, wouldn’t the experts be picking all 3 as serious sleepers with a chance to go to the sweet 16, if not even further?

And while were at it, why is Michigan ranked higher in the BCS rankings than both Utah State and San Jose State? Their best win is against #24 Northwestern, and they have 4 losses.


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