I love watching the Clippers play. I laugh at Blake Griffin’s commercials. They may have the game’s best point guard, and probably the best bench. But I’m not buying come playoff time. I don’t see a half-court offense or defense. Besides Paul and Crawford, who can create their own shot in the half-court? Chauncey Billups, maybe, but that’s another guard. No post-game until Blake gets better.

Why do commentators keep remarking on Lamar Odom’s seeming resurgence? Why don’t they say that his wife didn’t want him to play outside of LA, and so he just quit last year. She and he got their way, he’s back in LA, and now he’s motivated again. Do the commentators not read Us Weekly? This is not a feel good story.

Yesterday’s Celtics will make the eastern conference finals. They can beat Miami if Bradley, Green, Sullinger, and Terry are playing strong and confident. Not impossible. Does Steve Nash become an mvp candidate if the Lakers go, say 40-14, the rest of the way? LeBron should have quieted the Carmelo mvp chances.

Denver’s Christmas uniforms are keepers. I’m on the fence about the Clippers/Bulls and Knicks. Why didn’t the Lakers go all yellow?

Jeremy Lin’s December stats: 14 points, 6 assists, 2 TOs, 49 % from the field. It’s not elite p.g. numbers, but it compares well with other point guards who are 2-3 years out of college, like Jeff Teague and Mike Conley and Brandon Jennings (though not with Jrue Holiday’s 18-9 on the year).  It does compare well with Goran Dragic (14-6 on the year), a guy who also makes a comparable salary. So, right now, Lin is playing like an up and coming 2nd year point guard, not necessarily a future all-star, but on the other hand, Chris Paul was 17-9 his second year; Tony Parker was 16-6 his fourth year. Lin won’t be either, but it’s not worthy of scorn either.


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