Cerberus Capital Management

The NRA’s website makes no mention of what happened in Connecticut.  Nor does Bushmaster’s website. Despite the fact that a Bushmaster semi-assault machine gun with bullets designed to do maximal damage got into the hands of a messed up 20 year old. Legally. Why does anyone need a semi-automatic machine gun? Who sells bullets that stay in the tissues so as to do maximal damage? What other sector of society allows such a dangerous instrument to exist without meaningful regulation?

The CEO of the company that makes the Bushmaster .223 caliber assault rifle (Bushmaster also made the guns used in Aurora–he also got them legally, and didn’t even need his mom to buy them) appears as of a couple of years ago to be Chad Brooks. He must be impressed with the performance of his product. His gun was so effective that only one teacher and no children survived.  But Bushmaster itself now seems to be owned by Freedom Group owned by Cerberus Capital Management. That’s owned by a Princeton grad, Stephen A. Feinberg. The NYT’s has this about his role from last year.

Feinberg’s role is interesting here. Why? Because liberal elites like to blame rednecks and hicks and other non-liberal elite types for the continuation of the gun culture in America. But they need to look more close to home. Like Princeton University. And Manhattan. This is like a bad episode of 24. We spend the whole episode getting angry at mean mother fuckers, but ultimately 99% of the evil in the world is an Ivy League grad in a suit in some high rise office.


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