I’m sure I’m on to absolutely nothing. But when I see things happen twice, I’m alert. Does it make sense for rival teams not to show the Heat their best team during the regular season? Here’s two good reasons–1) instead of destroying their best rivals, the Heat have to keep an open question of, can we beat their best five? I doubt this matters, but it’s something. 2) instead of having the Heat fired up against a good opponent, leading to a big Heat victory, sitting the stars can lure Miami into sleepwalking as they’ve done with both the Spurs and Knicks.

Luke Walton must be an incredible clubhouse presence. He’s in his 10th year, with a career average of 4 points, 2 rebounds a game. Jason Collins has similar stats, and he’s in his 12th year. But he’s 7 feet and a great defender.

The Golden State Warriors beat the Nets in Brooklyn and are 12-7.

I’m not worrying about the Celtics, but I am worrying that they don’t have a go to guy at the end of the game who can hit a shot. Pierce is struggling with that role, Rondo isn’t a good enough shooter, and KG can only hit so many 18 footers. And the Hawks are playing well, so they aren’t going to dump Josh Smith mid-season.


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