Tommy Lasorda won’t vote for Mike Piazza for Hall of Fame

Ok. He only said he wouldn’t vote for Bonds, Clemens, and Sosa. But since Mike Piazza also admitted to taking a steroid, I assume he’s out too, right Tommy?

In other news, Sudhir Venkatesh has apologized (I need to mention him because it gets me the traffic on this site. So, in addition, here’s a cool picture of him).


Again, I don’t know him one way or the other. I just thought the article was unfair in singling him out and basing it largely on hearsay.

I do want to apologize to all the Venkatesh fans and haters who are wondering why they clicked on a sports blog. Since I’m anonymous, I could be an ex-student of his, the president of Columbia, the president of the United States, or a young Russian with decent excellent writing skills. I could even be Sudhir Venkatesh. I’m probably not Chris Broussard or Steven A. Smith, though at least with Steven A., I would not at all be surprised if he has multiple media personalities in play. Being Steven A. cannot be contained by one man (and I’m using Steven A.’s voice as I type that).

But the thing is, we started this site to talk about the Boston Celtics. And when we talk about the Celtics, no one cares. When we talk about other things–the SF Giants, Jeremy Lin, and now Sudhir Venkatesh–everything blows up. Even the remaking of the Big 10 conference lit up compared to the Celtics. Anyway…

I also apologize to Klay Thompson and Jeff Green. I mention Green’s success, and he follows it up with a 0.  I compare Thompson to Ray Allen and he goes 3-12.

And at the risk of jinxing more guys, Mo Williams is 18-10 in December so far. Anderson Verejao’s last seven games have been sick. His season average is 15-15! And Larry Sanders defies words. He’s averaging 12-12-7 in his last 3 games. The 7 is blocks!


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